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Overview of the Interface - Final Cut Pro X

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: One of the first differences you'll notice about Final Cut Pro X is that the windows are not separate from each other. Any resizing or changes that are made to the entire session affect each window since they're all connected to each other. You also cannot make any changes to the windows themselves. You cannot make them larger or smaller, move them around or decide where they should be placed on your desktop. 1. The first thing at the top right corner is the Event Library. Events have replaced Projects in the old Final Cut Pro. When you import an Event, you are importing a series of clips that you can group together into an Event and name for easy identification.? Events are meant to store footage and are entirely separate from projects. 2. To the right of the Event Library is the Browser. You can organize and view your clips in a multitude of ways in the Browser. When you view each clip for editing, you can browse through them and skim over parts in the Browser window. There is also a search bar now at the top.? 3. The Viewer is now meant to be looked at through the Timeline and through the Browser. It's functions have been combined into one section of the edit window, so you can scrub through the Timeline to see your footage in the Viewer. You can play a clip, pause it, fast forward it, rewind it, stop it and scrub frame to frame. 4. To the right of the Viewer is the Inspector. When you click on a clip, you are given many different options for altering the video, such as changing the color, transforming it, cropping it or distorting it, among others. It also tells you information about a clip, such as when it was created, its size, frame-rate, whether or not it's in stereo, the name of the clip, start and end points, total duration, etc. You can also change the types of views that are set up. Looping a clip and changing the size of the picture you view in the Viewer is also easy to do in Final Cut Pro X. 5. The bottom window is the Timeline. This shows your various clips. The blue clips are video clips and the green regions are audio clips. You can easily skim or scrub through your footage in the Timeline by clicking and dragging the play marker over the clips. The footage can be viewed in the Viewer.? 6. The Toolbar is no longer on the side and is instead a compact drop down menu that can be accessed with the click of a button on the dividing bar between the Viewer and the Timeline. Features have been combined into fewer functions for increased efficiency. 7. There is also an Import button that you can click to easily import video directly from a connected camera. Read more by visiting our page at:
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