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Creating Click Track - Pro Tools 9

SALE TODAY: Learn Piano on iOS When you record, it's important and extremely helpful to play to a metronome or click track to stay in time with the tempo. It's absolutely vital that you record in time with the tempo and meter of your song for both editing and play back purposes. There are many options in Pro Tools 9 that allow you to customize and alter the metronome by creating a fully customizable click track.? Create a Click Track 1. Create a new track by pressing Shift+Command+N. This will bring up the New Tracks dialog box. Choose Aux Input from the appropriate drop down menu and press Create. 2. This will create a new track in the edit window called Aux 1. Rename this track by double-clicking on the track name and titling it Click Track. 3. Call up the mix window by navigating to the top menu bar and clicking Window -- Mix. 4. Click on one of the Inserts tabs at the top of the Click Track channel strip in the mix window and choose plug-in -- Instrument -- Click (mono). 5. In the dialog box that appears, drag the slider associated with Accented to the right until its dB level is something like -2.0.? 6. This will make it so the accented click that occurs every measure will be a little louder than the rest of the Unaccented clicks. Read more by visiting our page at:
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