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How to Do Incline Push Ups

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: Muscles Worked This push-up variation works your upper chest and shoulder muscles, including the pectoralis major and anterior deltoid.? Getting Started This exercise uses positioning similar to a standard push-up, but incorporates a bench so that you can do the push-up in a declined position.? Start off on the ground on your hands and knees. The bench should be behind you.? Place two dumbbells on the ground where your hands will be for the push-up. They should be parallel with your body's form when performing the exercise.? Grasp onto the dumbbells to anchor your hands. Now position your feet on the bench behind you, resting on only your toes. If you don't have a bench, you can use a similar elevated object. Extend your arms straight so that your body is lifted off the ground. Keep your legs, back and shoulders aligned in a straight form.? Perform the Exercise Now that you're in the initial push-up position, you can start doing the exercise.? * Begin with your arms extended below your shoulders, grasping the dumbbells on the floor.? * Lower your body as you would a standard push-up.? * Keep your back and legs aligned as you move toward the floor.? * Your elbows should rise above your back when you reach the floor.? * Press your body back up to the start position by extending your arms.? * Try doing two push-ups at first, then take a break and do five more. Increase the number of push-ups as your fitness level increases.? Disclaimer:? There is no "one size fits all" approach to exercise, diet or weight loss. Please be aware that not all exercises are for everyone and this or any other exercise program may result in injury. To reduce your risk of injury, consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program. Mahalo's experts offer advice that is in no way intended as a substitute for medical counseling. Read more by visiting our page at:
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