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Fix Clips with Auto-Analysis - Final Cut Pro X

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: Auto-Analysis in Final Cut Pro X is a series of options that are available to you with regard to importing or changing clips. These options can range from shutter detection to color correction and can help you with the sorting and organizing of your clips. To begin, navigate to the top menu bar and click File -- New Event, name the Event whatever you want to call it and click Import Files from the center of the Browser window.? Use the Finder that appears on the screen to search for the file(s) you wish to Import into your project. To select multiple clips, press and hold Shift or Command while selecting the clips. Before Importing, choose the options you wish to include from these various categories: * Organizing -Copy files to Final Cut Events folder -Import folders as Keyword Collections (this allows you to set up keyword collections that are named after the imported folders to help make it easier for you to find your imported clips) * Transcoding -Create optimized media (this will make Final Cut Pro X automatically transfer the information into a new clip that is ProRes 422, which is the most efficient type of movie clip for Final Cut Pro) -Create proxy media (this will create a smaller version of the same clip as optimized media does, but it will need to be attached to the original clip, so you'll need the original clip in order for this to work) * Video -Analyze for stabilization and rolling (this will have Final Cut Pro attempt to stabilize any shaky footage due to a shaky camera? -Analyze for balance color (this will have Final Cut Pro attempt to fix similar clips with different color balances) -Find people (this has Final Cut Pro analyze the various shots in your clips to determine which ones are close ups, medium shots, wide shots, two-shots, three-shots, etc., and automatically separate these clips in different ways) -Create Smart Collections after analysis (this will make Final Cut Pro set up a collection of clips that are determined based on what the program sees each time it's imported? * Audio -Analyze and fix audio problems (this will make Final Cut Pro attempt to fix any hiss, hum or other audible blemishes in the audio) -Separate mono and group stereo -Remove silent channels (this will make Final Cut Pro automatically get rid of any channels with no audio on them) Click Import when you've chosen the options you want to include. Read more by visiting our page at:
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