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How to use the New Event Library - Final Cut Pro X

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: The Event Library is a brand new feature in Final Cut Pro's video editing system. It's basically designed to serve as a replacement for the Browser. When you open a project session in Final Cut Pro X, all of your Events are shown in the Event Library. This allows for all of your media to be made available for use in any of your projects. Your Events in the Event Library are typically stored in one or two places, depending on your particular computer set up. They are either stored in the Macintosh HD, which is the most likely place for your Events, or they are stored under Time Machine Backups. An Event in the Event Library is represented by what looks like a small purple icon that has a white star in the middle of it. Within each Event is a series of clips (you cannot have an Event without clips).? Each clip has a view mode that is very similar to the Timeline. You can preview and browse through a clip by simply hovering and moving your mouse over the clip in the Browser window. It is not necessary to click and drag the play marker, and you can view this preview in either the Browser or Viewer windows. When you click and drag, however, you can set in and out points. These are represented by the yellow outline that appears. You can also do this without clicking and dragging by hovering your mouse over the place you would like to set an in point and pressing I on your keyboard.? Additionally, you can try hovering your mouse over the place you would like to set an out point and pressing O on your keyboard. You can also drag this yellow outline around on your clip to adjust the in and out points. When you select a clip in the Event Library window, you are given information that includes the start point, the end point, the duration of the clip and when the clip was created. You can also add?Notes to a clip for future reference. If you right-click on a clip, an option menu appears with the following selections to choose from: * You can create a New Compound Clip. * You can Synchronize Clips together. * You can Open a clip in a Timeline. * You can Transcode Media. * You can Analyze and Fix a clip if the footage is too shaky or if there are problems with the colors. * You can Reveal the location of a clip in the Finder in case you don't know exactly where a clip is stored on your hard drive and you need to access it in a different program. * You can Move a clip to the Trash. To create a new event, navigate to the top menu bar and click File -- New Event. This will create a new purple icon in the Event Library that you can name, and you can choose to either Import Files (that are already on your computer) or Import From Camera. When importing, you can choose how you want to Organize and Transcode your media. You can also choose to include or exclude various Video and Audio options with your imported media. Once you have clips imported into the Event Library, you can choose to view your clips in either list view or filmstrip view by clicking the appropriate button at the bottom of the Event Library. You can even choose how you would like to group and arrange your clips and events. If you want the Event Library to disappear altogether from your Final Cut Pro edit window, you can click on the far left button at the lower left corner of the Event Library window to toggle its view. *One new feature that is included in this version of Final Cut Pro X is a search feature that you can access at the top right corner of the Event Window's top bar. Read more by visiting our page at:
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