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SAT Prep Class: Solving Equations for X

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: SAT Prep Question #4 Question: If 3x plus 5 equals 17, then what is 14 minus 3x?? This is a basic algebra problem that uses a single variable and two equations.?One way to solve the problem is to solve for "x" in the first equation and then plug it into the second equation.? However, a simpler solution would be to recognize that there is a "3x" term in both equations. If you solve the first equation for "3x" instead of "x," you can plug the value into the second equation and find your answer more quickly.? Remember to look for tricks like this to save time while taking the test.? Solve the Problem 1. First, solve the first equation for the value of "3x." This will be faster than if you were to solve all the way to "x."? 3x+5=17 Subtract 5 from both sides. This will eliminate 5 from the left side. The right side will be 17-5, or 12. The equation will now be:? 3x=12 2. Now you have the value of "3x." Plug this value, 12, into the second equation in place of the "3x" there: 14-3x=? 14-12=? 3. Solve the problem by performing the arithmetic. 14 minus 12 equals 2, so the answer to the problem is 2. Read more by visiting our page at:
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