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SAT Prep Class: Solving For a Variable

Learn guitar chords for FREE through our new game Chord Master: SAT Prep Question #1 Question: 3c+c-5c=4d-6 and?d=1. What is "c"? This is a basic algebra problem that uses a single equation with two variables.?After combining the like terms and plugging in the value provided in the question, you'll be able to solve the equation to find the missing variable.? Solve the Problem 1. Start off by combining the like terms to simplify the equation. The left side has three different terms in "c." Combine these terms by adding 3c+1c-5c. This will become "-c."? 2. Rewrite the equation after you've combined the terms. The new equation reads:? -c=4d-6 3. The problem provided the value of "d" for you, so now you can substitute that value into the equation. The equation will look like this:? -c=4(1)-6 4. Solve the equation to find "c." 4 times 1 is 4. 4 minus 6 is -2. Now the equation is:? -c=-2 5. You want to find the value of "c," not "-c." To cancel out the negative sign, divide both sides of the equation by -1.? (-c)/(-1)=(-2)/(-1) c=2 The value of "c" is 2.? If you're not sure your answer is correct, you can always plug it back into the equation to check it. Read more by visiting our page at:
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