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SAT Prep Class: Which has the Smallest Value?

Learn guitar chords for FREE through our new game Chord Master: SAT Prep Question #13 Question: If "x" is less than zero, which is the smallest value? -2x, -x, 0, x, 2x Abstract problems like this are common in standardized tests. If you remember to think it through in a logical and concrete way, you'll be able to solve the problem.? In this problem, you don't know what "x" is but you do know that it's less than zero. Therefore, you can solve this problem by picking any number that meets the condition of the question and evaluating all the terms with it. Solve the Problem 1. Since you don't know the exact value of "x," chose a number that meets its conditions. You know that "x" must be less than zero. So pick a negative number, such as -1.? 2. Substitute -1 for "x" in all the terms provided.? -2x=-2(-1)=2 -x=-(-1)=1 0=0 x=-1 2x=2(-1)=-2 3. After evaluating all the terms in the set with the "x" substitution, you get 2, 1, 0, -1, -2.? 4. The question asks for the smallest value in the set, which is -2. Therefore, the term that provided -2 (2x) is the smallest value. Read more by visiting our page at:
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