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How to Draw High Five Ghost From the Regular Show

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: Step 1: Basic Structure 1. For the body, draw a circle. 2. Add a vertical line coming up from the top of the circle. To map out the hand, add a square on top of the line. Add a second vertical line next to the first to make the arm. Step 2: Body and Face 1. Add a vertical line coming down from each side of the circle. Connect them using four u-shaped lines. Draw two from the left, then go upwards a bit and draw another one, then go down very slightly and draw the fourth one. 2. For the eyes, draw two thin horizontal ovals that curve downward on both sides. These should be at the midpoint of the circle, on each side of the arm. 3. For the smile, draw a an upside-down version of one of his eyes. It should be much larger and below the eyes. Each curved end should point upwards toward the middle of an eye. Step 3: Hand Details For the fingers, draw four thin loops inside the square, each reaching up to the top. The middle two should reach it, and the outer two should not quite reach it. The outer two should each have a curved line coming down to the arm, forming the palm. Step 4: Ink the Figure Slowly and carefully ink the figure.?When inking, take your time. You want to have a clear view of where you'll be inking next. When you're inking on paper, you don't get a second chance.? When you're inking and your hand has to touch a spot on the paper, make sure your hand is dry and the ink has dried. Otherwise, you might smudge the drawing. Finished Drawing Read more by visiting our page at:
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