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How to Draw the Flying Dutchman from SpongeBob - Character Breakdown

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: Step 1: Head 1. For the head, draw a circle. 2. Draw the curved vertical line of action down the center of the head. 3. Draw the horizontal eyeline across the center of the head. 4. For the hat, draw a semi-circle, flat side up, canted slightly, on the head. The curved side should start in the upper third of the head. Add a smaller semi-circle inside the semi-circle, coming down from the flat side. It should be just to the left of the hat's center. 5. For the beard, draw a semi-circle, flat side up, on the bottom of the head. The flat side should start in the lower third of the head. Step 2: Arm and Body 1. For his right arm (the only visible one in this pose), start by drawing a small circle at each joint—shoulder, elbow and wrist. Connect the joints with straight lines. 2. For the hand, start by drawing two vertical straight lines down from the wrist joint. For the fingers, draw four long, thin rectangles. Two of them should project outwards (one left, one right) from the vertical straight lines. The other two should project downwards and connect to the first two fingers. 3. For the body, draw a large vertical oval coming down from the beard. Step 3: Face and Sleeve 1. For the eyes, draw a small circle, almost an oval, on each side of the line of action. These circles should be bisected by the eyeline. 2. For the beard details, draw eight small spikes projecting to the outside line of the semi-circle. 3. For the nose, start at the intersection point of the line of action and the eyeline. Draw a very small circle, the top of the nose, just below and to the left of that intersection point. Add another circle, his left nostril, below and to the right of that circle. They should be touching each other. Now, draw a curving, slide-like line. This should start at the top of the nose,?project down and to the left?and come back around to touch the nostril. 4. For the lips, draw a thin oval that curves down on both sides. The nose should be resting on this oval, overlapping it. Add a curved horizontal line in the oval's center; this line should not touch the sides of the oval. 5. For the cuff of his sleeve, draw a vertical rectangle between the elbow and wrist joints. Add a small vertical line in the center of the cuff.?Add two diagonal lines projecting up and to the right from this line. 6. For the hair braids, add a horizontal line coming out of each side of his head, right out of the line of action. For the bows, add a small vertical line right near the end of each horizontal line. Read more by visiting our page at:
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