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Learn English Conjugation Lesson #2 Verb To Want

Verb: To want Present TenseI want a cookieYou want a cookieHe wants a cookieJohn wants a cookieShe wants a cookieJanet wants a cookieWe want a cookieThey want a cookie.Past TenseI wanted a cookieYou wanted a cookieHe/she wanted a cookieWe wanted a cookieThey wanted a cookieJanet and John wanted a cookieFuture TenseI will want a cookieYou will want a cookieHe/she/it will want a cookieWe will want a cookieThey will want a cookieConjugation They want a cookie.NegativeI don't want a cookieYou don't want a cookieHe doesn't want a cookieShe doesn't want a cookie.It doesn't want a cookieWe don't want a cookieThey don't want a cookie.Susan and mark don't want a cookie.Mark doesn't want a cookie.Bill wants a new TV. His wife, Sharon doesn't wantone. Sharon wants a new car. However, Bill doesn't wantone. Their dog wanted some water so Bill gave him some.Sharon will want some water later, so Bill got a cup andfilled it with water for her. Three hours later, Sharon wantedwater. Bill gave her the cup but she wanted a different colour.Learn ESL EFL English as a Second Language with Teacher Phil. TOEFL and TOEIC practice. Fluent native speaker American / Canadian Accent / accent reduction.
Length: 05:22


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