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How to Dance Hip Hop - Stretch and Warm Up

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: Stretching and warming up is very important in hip hop so you don't injure yourself when you're dancing.? 1. The first thing you will do is circles. You will start off with your finger, wiggling them in loose circles. Then move the circles to your arms in larger circles, stretching as far as you can go. 2. Bring the circles to your elbows, rotating them in wide circles. Move your arms in and out. 3. Move the circles to your shoulders. Circle them back and circle them forward. 4. Spread the circle to your neck by bringing your head forward. Slowly rotating your head in a circle, shifting from clockwise to counterclockwise. Keep your body relaxed during this and make sure you're breathing through your nose. Let the weight of your head stretch out your neck. 5. Now you will move the circle to your chest. Push your chest to the side and bring it back. Do this again on the other side. Move your chest as far away from your hips as you can. 6. Now do the same thing with your hips, pushing your hips as far out as you can. 7. Move the circles to your knees. Bend forward and make your knees go as far as your ankles will let them go. Bring your knees together and rotate them in a circle, moving to and fro. You always want to do everything both directions. 8. Roll your ankles as far as they will go at an angle. You may hear some cracks, which is normal. 9. Finally make circles everywhere with all your joints at the same time. End by shaking out your limbs.? 10. Take deep breaths when finishing the exercises and bend your body forward. Roll yourself back up into a standing position. You are now ready to practice dance. Read more by visiting our page at:
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