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Nudge Value - Pro Tools 9

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: What Is Nudge Value? The Nudge Value refers to how much something is moved slightly, or nudged. When you're editing and cutting up audio clips, you don't want to just click and drag because that can cause edits to be a little off. With a Nudge Value, you can instead hit one key on the keyboard to move an audio clip one point. For instance, you may have recorded some drum tracks where there are occurrences of the kick or the snare being just slightly ahead of the beat. With Nudge Value, you can easily fix these off strikes. How to Work with Nudge Value Find an instance where a strike (peak in the audio wave) is off beat. Press Tab to have the play marker align with the transient (peak) and press B to make a cut at that place in the audio region. Press Tab again to have the play marker align with the next transient and press B to make another cut. Now that you have your clip isolated, click and drag the clip to line up the first strike peak with the beat represented by the grid line. To Nudge the transient closer to the grid line, use the and keys (Shift+period key OR Shift+comma key). To adjust your Nudge Value, navigate to the top menu bar next to the Counter Display. The more samples you choose, the farther your clip will move. Lower the Nudge Value to get more precise with your movements. Read more by visiting our page at:
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