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How to Take It On Down - Fundamentals of Locking

SALE TODAY: Learn Piano on iOS Mahalo dance expert Professor Lock explains how to do the take it on down. About the Take It On Down --------------------------------------------------------------------- The take it on down is where, through a series of moves, you descend to the floor and then come back up into locking. This is one of the more difficult moves in locking and may require some practice. Step 1: The Crouch and Spin --------------------------------------------------------------------- The first step is like a sneaky turn. You crouch down slightly and then quickly spin while crossing your feet across each other.?Pretend you're about to get caught doing something, and that you hastily crouch and spin to get away undetected.Your arms should also be down for this. At the end of the spin, you shoot back up, standing straight with your arms to the side. Step 2: The Leg Pointing --------------------------------------------------------------------- After doing the crouch and spin, drop to your right knee, while pushing your left leg out to the side.Keep your right hand behind you supporting you and your left hand sticking out parallel to your left leg.When you are sticking your left leg out, be sure to put it out on its heel to achieve even more balance.? Be Careful! --------------------------------------------------------------------- When doing this move, it is very easy to trip and fall since it requires some balancing skills. To avoid embarrassment, practice the move at home and make sure you can balance properly before attempting to do this in front of others.? Read more by visiting our page at:
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