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Tests for Divisibility

Get Free iOS apps by email! Mahalo math expert Allison Moffett discusses tests for divisibility. Will It Divide Evenly? --------------------------------------------------------------------- Tests for divisibility are a quick way to find if one number is evenly divisible by another number. There are a few simple rules to determine the possibility for even divisibility.The table to the right shows some of the tricks to quickly testing the divisibility of larger numbers.?This table should allow you to quickly test any number to see if it is even divisible. To test the ability to divide a number evenly, use the chart of rules to quickly test its divisibility.Find if 134 is evenly divisible by three.?1. Referring to the tests for divisibility, a number is divisible by three if the sum of the digits is divisible by three.?2. So find the sum of the digits in 134 and see if it is divisible by three.?3. The sum is eight, which is not divisible by three, so 134 is not divisible by three.?4. The number 135, however, makes the sum of nine, which is divisible by three.Find if 332 is evenly divisible by four.1. A number is divisible by four if the last two digits are divisible by four.?2. So from 332, take the last two digits, 32.?3. The number 32 is divisible by four, so 332 is also divisible by four.Find if 1360 is evenly divisible by eight.1. A number is divisible by eight if the last three digits are divisible by eight.?2. So from 1360, take 360 and try to divide it by eight.?3. The number divides evenly into 45, so 1360 is also divisible by eight.Find if 1422 is evenly divisible by nine.1. A number is divisible by nine if you take the sum of the digits and divide it by nine (just like with three).?2. The sum of the digits in 1422 equals nine, and nine is obviously divisible by nine, so 1422 is divisible by nine as well. Read more by visiting our page at:
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