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The Camera Tool in Adobe After Effects

SALE TODAY: Learn Piano on iOS The Camera Tool is, for the most part, only used for 3D material. No matter if you may or may not be working in 3D, you should at least know the basics of the camera and how to work the tool in Adobe After Effects. There are a couple of different options within the camera tool icon. You may not even be able to find the Camera Tool, and that's because you first need to create some 3D layers. To select a layer for three-dimensional manipulation, click the 3D Layer icon for the corresponding layer you wish to manipulate. Once you've done that, you can now create a camera. Navigate to the top menu bar and click Layer -- New -- Camera or press Command+Alt/Option+Shift+C on your keyboard. This will reveal the Camera Settings dialog box, where you can save whatever presets were last used for camera creation. For now, don't worry about the camera Type, Preset, Units or how After Effects should Measure Film Size. You would consider these things if you documented the lens focal length on the camera you used while shooting the shot you're adding a 3D layer to. Use To use the Camera Tool, click on the icon in the upper tool bar called the Unified Camera Tool. You can also press C on your keyboard to access it. If you click and hold on the icon, you'll reveal the individual separate camera tools that make up this unified tool.? These include the Orbit Camera Tool, Track XY Camera Tool and the Track Z Camera Tool.? Start by selecting the Unified Camera Tool. Then, click and hold on your composition and move it around. You'll notice that it moves around with a 3D motion effect.? Click and hold with the right mouse button while moving the cursor up and down over the composition. This will create a zooming effect by tracking in and out along the Z axis. The Orbit Camera also spins your composition around in 3D space. Experiment with each camera tool to understand the effects each one creates. *Note: different camera functions can also be accessed with keyboard shortcuts. Command/Ctrl: move Alt: move in wire frame mode Read more by visiting our page at:
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