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Track Selector - Pro Tools 9

Bestselling Learn Guitar on Android! How to Use the Track Selector You're not limited to only viewing your tracks as wave forms. There are other options available that allow you to view your tracks in a different form. Click on Waveform. You'll see many different view options to choose from, including the following: blocks playlists analysis warp waveform volume mute pan (snd f) Bus 1-2 (snd g) Bus 5-6 For instance, blocks lets you view your tracks like this. --? The Show/hide automation lanes option allows you to show or hide your playlists on a track. Playlists are like tracks within a track. They can represent multiple takes within a single track. You also have the ability to adjust a track's Height Selector. Click on the Ruler between the left side bar and the track to change between the following: micro mini small medium large jumbo extreme fit to window These viewing options change the viewing style of your tracks in a project. Try different ones until you find a view you like. Read more by visiting our page at:
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