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Metronome Click Track - Pro Tools 9

SALE TODAY: Learn Piano on iOS What Is a Metronome? The Metronome in Pro Tools is a track that is dedicated solely to keeping the timing and rhythm of your beats per minute perfectly on cue. It makes a repeated, mechanical clicking sound and can be adjusted easily. Working with the Metronome Click Track You need to set up your click track before you start recording, because you'll want to record to its tempo. This will keep you in time with your song. Without the click track your playing and singing could potentially sound sloppy.? It also really comes in handy when you're editing, because playing in time to a click track makes it much easier to line up your instrument and vocal tracks with the grid. 1. The Click Track can be seen as the far left channel in the mixer window. 2. Right-click on it for more options. You can delete it if you wish. 3. If you want to add a click track, make a new track by pressing Command+Shift+N. You can also navigate to the top menu bar and click Track -- New. 4. This will bring up the New Tracks dialog box. To make a click track, choose Aux Input from the drop down menu. You need to choose this input type because, technically speaking, the click is like an instrument. 5. Double-click your new track in the mixer window to rename it. 6. To specify its use, navigate to the very top of the track in the mixer window and click on the top. A menu will appear. Choose plug-in -- Instrument -- Click (mono). 7. You have the ability to change how loud or soft the accented and unaccented parts of the click track are. Drag the sliders left or right to raise or lower the click's volume. 8. If you ever want to mute the click track, press the M in the mixer window. 9. You can also mute the click track from the Transport Window (Command+1) by pressing the indicated button in the picture. Blue means it's on, while gray means it's off. Read more by visiting our page at:
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