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Artrage Tutorial Water color Brush Overview

SALE TODAY: Learn Piano on iOS The Uses of the Watercolor Brush The watercolor brush is a new feature in the recent Studio Pro edition of ArtRage and mimics the art of using a watercolor on a canvas. It can be a very useful way for traditional artists to jump into digital art work and create a new style. Changing the Presets The watercolor brush has different presets that allow you customize the appearance of the strokes. Small strokes on wet: This creates an effect similar to when you wet the paper before hand and then dip the brush. It makes it look like the edges are bleeding slightly. * Dry strokes: This is similar to when you have a watercolor brush without much water on it. * Delicate on dry: This creates very soft strokes on a dry canvas. * Thin strokes on wet: This creates thinner lines that appear to be on a wet canvas. Changing the Settings The watercolor tool also has several settings that allow you to change the appearance of your piece even further. Pressure: This changes the size of the brush. * Thinners: This dilutes the color of the brush. * Loading: This controls how much paint is on the brush. * Color bleed: This is an interesting tool that mimics the effects of having a lot of water on the brush. The edges bleed similar to how it would in real life. * Paper wet: This makes it look like you're painting on wet paper. * Insta-dry: This makes the strokes dry instantly and lowers its interactivity with other elements in the drawing. You would choose this if you wanted no blending in the work. * Auto clean: This is the opposite of insta-dry and wets the brush so it's easier to mix colors. Read more by visiting our page at:
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