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How to Create Volume in Your Hair

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: Mahalo beauty expert Amy Panera, a professional stylist at Studio DNA, shows you how to create volume in your hair. What You'll Need --------------------------------------------------------------------- Hair products: * Volumizing shampoo and conditioner * Volumizing spray (wet hair) * Hair spray (dry hair) Hair tools: * Blow dryer (wet hair) * Vented brush or wide-tooth comb Before You Begin --------------------------------------------------------------------- When it comes to adding volume to your hair, it is always best to start off with clean hair that you washed using volumizing shampoos and conditioners. When deciding which type to purchase, look for a a protein-enriched shampoo will help to make your hair look thicker.c? Starting with Wet Hair --------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. If you're starting off with wet hair, you'll need to use a volumizing spray. Section off one-inch sections of your hair and spray only at the roots.?2. Flip your head upside down and blow dry while leaning forward. ?3. While drying, use a vented brush to lift your hair up and brush in the opposite direction of how your hair normally falls.c Starting with Dry Hair --------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. If your hair is already dry, you'll need to use a lightweight hairspray. Start by sectioning off your hair into one-inch pieces. Only spray at the root of your hair.?2. Using a comb, tease the underneath layers of your hair, taking only one half-inch section at a time. You can tease as much or as little as you want, depending on how much volume you want.?3. Smooth out hair by combing in the direction of your hair fall to eliminate the rat's-nest look. Tips and Tricks --------------------------------------------------------------------- * Only apply volumizing spray to roots. Spraying the ends will weigh down your hair. c?* It is easier to add height to hair that has a side part. c?* When your hair is almost dry, apply large rollers to your roots. Remove rollers once your hair fully dries. c* French braid your hair when wet and leave in for 24 hours. Undo your braid the next day for?voluminous?waves. c? Alternate Methods --------------------------------------------------------------------- Hot Rollers: To use hot rollers, section the hair, pre-spray it, add the rollers to one-inch sections of hair from root to tip, let cool and remove.Diffuser: Connect the diffuser attachment to your dryer and use it to dry from the root, lifting sections as you go.Crimper: If you're using a crimper, section hair, spray the roots and crimp the portion of hair closest to the root while you hold the section straight up and out from your head. This will lift the root from the head and create the illusion of voluminous hair.For Short Hair: For those with short hair, blow dry your hair while using a flat brush to wrap the roots of the hair around and upwards, as if you were wrapping the hair around a ball.?Flat Iron: While using a flat iron, use the same technique as listed above to section and spray your hair. Then flip each section of hair over the iron and curl the section as you run the iron through your hair. When you're finished, shake out your hair and flip it over a few times to add body. Read more by visiting our page at:
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