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Using a Sprouter for a Raw Food Diet

Bestselling Learn Guitar on Android! Mahalo cooking expert Miranda Valentine tells you all about using a sprouter for a raw food diet. Sprouters are useful for anyone on or considering a raw food diet. They automate the process of growing sproutable seeds like wheatgrass, mung bean, onion, broccoli and alfalfa sprouts, all healthy staples of a raw food diet.c Why a Sprouter? --------------------------------------------------------------------- Sprouts are essentially plants in their prime. In the sprout phase, they contain a greater concentration of protein, vitamins, minerals and enzymes than at any other point in the plant's life. When using a sprouter, eat the sprouts the day they are picked, allowing for the freshest of food with almost no nutrient loss. Most sprouts will be ready for picking within four days of planting. With a sprouter, you will be able to enjoy fresh sprouts?year-round. Sprouting Kits --------------------------------------------------------------------- If you're just starting out with a sprouter, you may want to find a sprouting kit to get you going. These kits include sprouters and organic seeds that are generally easy to grow, like mung beans, which are used to grow bean sprouts. Some sprouters are simply glass mason jars with plastic mesh covers. However, these do not provide good air circulation; tray or bucket sprouters provide that circulation, along with more space to grow larger quantities and varieties of sprouts. Another form is the hemp bag sprouter, which is just a small sack used for smaller seeds. c Freshlife Automatic Sprouter --------------------------------------------------------------------- A sprouter that is extremely easy to use, the Freshlife automatic sprouter at just over $100 in price essentially takes care of itself. Add your seeds and water, and the sprouter will supply fresh water to the seeds daily. Just change the water each day to assure freshness.c Sprouts and Growth --------------------------------------------------------------------- The following seeds will sprout at the following intervals when grown at 64°F (18°C) and up: * Alfalfa—five to six days * Broccoli—five to six days * Corn—five to six days * Mung beans—four to five days * Radish—five to six days * Sesame—five to six days * Soybeans—four to five days * Sunflower—five to six days * Wheat—four to five days c Read more by visiting our page at:
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