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Using a Dehydrator for a Raw Food Diet

Bestselling Learn Guitar on Android! Mahalo cooking expert Miranda Valentine tells you how to use a dehydrator on a raw food diet. Since raw foodists do not cook their food, using a dehydrator is the perfect alternative as ?dehydrators use low temperatures and fans to dry food out, removing the water while keeping the enzymes in the food intact.c Choosing a Food Dehydrator --------------------------------------------------------------------- Try to find a dehydrator with square or rectangle sides as it will be easier to lay food out on these shapes, as opposed to a circular-cut dehydrator. Dehydrators with side or top-mounted heaters and fans are better than those with heaters and fans at the bottom since food and drippings will be drawn to a fan at the bottom, making it difficult to clean. Look for a dehydrator with an adjustable temperature setting as different foods will required different settings. It is also important to have a timer on your dehydrator so that you do not leave your foods inside longer than necessary. c How to Dehydrate Raw Food --------------------------------------------------------------------- Dehydrators have temperature settings and, as long as you dehydrate your food below 118°F/48°C, you'll keep your raw food raw.c 1. Read the owner's manual for your dehydrator to ensure you are using it properly. 2. Clean, hull and slice your fruits and vegetables, maintaining a consistent thickness through all. NOTE: you can treat apples, pears and other fruits likely to oxidize with citrus juice or ascorbic acid to retain the color before, during and after drying. You can also blanche vegetables?like broccoli, cauliflower, celery, carrots, corn, peas and potatoes?for three to five minutes in boiling water to speed up drying time. 3. OPTIONAL: add salt, sugar or spices to flavor. 4. Place your fruit or vegetables slices on the dehydrator trays, not overlapping any of them.? 5. Turn your dehydrator on and consult the owner's manual for how long you need to dehydrator your food of choice. Set your timer depending on the type of food you are dehydrating. 6. Towards the end of the process, check your raw foods for dryness by removing a slice from the dehydrator and feeling with your fingers. If you aren't sure whether it's finished, cut several slices in half and check the cut edges for moisture beads - if they are present, the food needs more time to dehydrate fully. Dehydrated Raw Food Recipes --------------------------------------------------------------------- Sweet Potato Chips 1. Set your dehydrator for 105 °F/41°C.2. Take 3 medium-sized sweet potatoes that have been washed, peeled and sliced and place the slices on the dehydrator tray.3. Place the tray into your dehydrator and salt to taste if desired.4. Dehydrate for five hours.Mango Wrappers1. Set your dehydrator for?105°F/41°C.2. Mix 4 cups of chopped, fresh mango, 2 cups of young, fresh coconut, 1 pinch of sea salt and 1 pinch of cayenne in a large container until smooth.3. Spread the mixture on top of Teflex sheets and sprinkle with cilantro.4. Dehydrate for four hours.5. Cut into squares when the mango wraps are pliable and dry.c Read more by visiting our page at:
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