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How to French Braid Hair

SALE TODAY: Learn Piano on iOS French braiding takes some practice, but can be mastered if you take the time to learn. It's only a little bit more complex than a regular braid. How to French braid hair will show you how you can create this sophisticated braid and use the basics of French braiding to make more elaborate hairstyles. A French braid is a more elegant version of a regular braid. If you learn to French braid well, people will be impressed at your ability to master this more complicated hairstyle. You'll also have a great look for fancy events at your fingertips. French Braiding Tips --------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Practice on someone else before trying to French braid your own hair. 2. Make sure all layers of the hair are at least shoulder-length. 3. If braiding your own hair, use two mirrors so you can see the back of your head. 4. Add the same amount of hair into the braid each time. 5. Pull hair evenly to keep the braid straight. What You'll Need --------------------------------------------------------------------- Wide-tooth Comb with a Rat-tail Two Mirrors Ponytail Holder Hairspray Hair Dryer (optional) Aloe Vera Gel (optional) Step 1: Prepare to Braid --------------------------------------------------------------------- * If you take the time to prepare the hair properly, you'll end up with better results. Here's a few ways to prep your hair. 1. To be able to French braid hair, the shortest layers must be at least shoulder-length.Updo Princess: How to french braid hair2. It might help if you work with wet hair.The SouthtownStar: How to French-braid hair (March 3, 2008) * 3. -Let the hair dry for 30 minutes to an hour before you start to How to Braid Hair Blow dry curly or wavy hair so that it's straight and easier to work How to Braid Hair5. Your wrists and fingers should be free of jewelry, and your fingernails should be Hair Braiding Basics6. Try applying aloe vera gel to help keep hair in place.Dreamweaver Braiding: Making Smooth Braids7. Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle and smooth Hair Braiding Basics Step 2: Braid the Back of the Head --------------------------------------------------------------------- * There are two parts to a French braid: the braid that runs along the back of the head and the braid that hangs down the back. The first part is a bit trickier, but if you already know how to braid you should be able to get the hang of it. 1. If possible, stand in front of a mirror when braiding your own hair, and place another mirror behind you so that you can see the back of your Hair Braiding Basics2. Comb the hair straight back from the top of the head.How to Do How to French Braid Your Hair * 3. -If you want some loose, wispy strands in the front, arrange them during this step.How to Do How to French Braid Your Hair 4. Take a two-inch section of hair from the top of your head and divide it into three French Braids - How to French Braid Hair5. Comb each section until it lies flat.LoveToKnow: How to French Braid6. Hold the right section in your right hand and the remaining two sections in your left hand, making sure to keep the sections separated.ViewDo: How to French Braid (Time: 4:08)7. Fold the left strand over the middle strand so that the left is now the middle strand. 8. Tighten the braid by pulling the hair sections away from each other.Cosmo Girl: How to French Braid9. Fold the right strand over the middle strand so that it's now the middle strand. 10. Tighten the hair again. 11. Take a small section of hair from the left hairline by drawing a line against the scalp using a rat-tail comb.Expert Village: How to French Braid Hair (Time: 1:20) * 12. -You can also use your fingers.The SouthtownStar: How to French-braid hair Run your fingers through this new section in order to get it to lie flat.How to Do How to French Braid Your HairCombine this new section of hair with the strand already on the left.ViewDo: How to French Braid (Time: 4:08) * 15. -You can control how loose or tight the weave is during this step. For a tighter weave, combine the strands further up towards the Hair Braiding Basics 16. Fold the left strand over the middle strand and tighten the braid. 17. Repeat steps 9-12 on the right side, and then again on the left. Try to add about... Read more by visiting our page at:
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