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How to Cut Your Own Bangs

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: Mahalo professional hair stylist Aubrey Loots demonstrates how to cut your own bangs at home. What You'll Need --------------------------------------------------------------------- * Hairdryer * Comb * Hair scissors Step 1: Separate Bangs --------------------------------------------------------------------- Pull the rest of your hair away from your bangs so that it will not get mixed into the section that you're trimming. You can use a clip to keep the hair separate.? Step 2: Dry Bangs Flat --------------------------------------------------------------------- Use a hairdryer to dry your bangs flat so they're straightened out. Do not cut them while they're wet because after they dry they'll be much shorter than you anticipated.? Step 3: Cut Bangs --------------------------------------------------------------------- Use the comb to brush your bangs forward. Hold a section of the hair between two fingers and slide them down to the bottom. Do not cut right on your forehead.?Keep a loose tension in the hair; do not pull it tight.?Use the scissors to cut straight across the base of your bangs in a clean line.?Continue trimming until you reach the desired length. If you want your bangs to be angled, hold the scissors at an angle and trip upward.If you want to break up the line so it isn't as sharp, hold the scissors upright and cut into the base of the bangs. This won't take away the length but will soften the line.? Step 4: Style --------------------------------------------------------------------- Use the hairdryer to blow away loose bits of hair and style your bangs.? Read more by visiting our page at:
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