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How to Play "Last Kiss" by Taylor Swift on Guitar

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: Guitar Chords Used in the Song "Last Kiss" uses a capo on the third fret in standard tuning and the following guitar chords: How to Play a G Chord How to Play an Em7 Chord How to Play a Cadd9 Chord How to Play a D Chord Form of the Song "Last Kiss" is the slow melody by Taylor Swift from her matured third record of 2010, Speak Now. The majestic love song reiterates the coming-of-age story of Swift's target demographic. The track works with "Long Live" to help close out her strongest album to date, one in which she not only penned herself but also sat in the producing chair. The slow love melody uses a soft guitar plucking of four chords. Beginner guitarists can softly strum the chords, if it helps. There are also slight variations to the chords listed that can be used. For instance, you can play C rather than Cadd9, or play Em instead of Em7. A song like this, however, sounds best when the chords are played fully.? The Cadd9 and Em7 are not complex, only different, so practice these to get the best sound. Play along with the video to learn your limitations, then push past them! "Last Kiss" uses the following song form: * Intro * Verse 1 * Pre-chorus * Chorus * Verse 2 * Pre-chorus * Chorus * Verse 3 * Pre-chorus * Chorus Read more by visiting our page at:
Length: 04:56


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