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Using a Mac - Menu Bar

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: Mahalo software expert Justin Zagri gives a tutorial on using menu bars on a Mac. Menu Bars --------------------------------------------------------------------- On a Mac, each program's menu bar is physically separate from the program itself. This is different from PCs, where?the menu bars stay within the confines of their respective windows or programs.When a program is selected, its menu bar shows up at the top of the screen.?You can only access the menu bar of a particular program when that program is selected. Every?program has its own menu bar options, which are specific to it.?To select a program, click on it. The top bar will change. The Finder --------------------------------------------------------------------- The Finder is the main program by which Macs run.?If you're trying to access something that only the Finder can access, you need to select it.?To select the Finder, click on an empty spot in your desktop.The Finder's menu bar contains several options. Two very useful options it contains are Apple and Finder. The Apple --------------------------------------------------------------------- Finder's most important option is the Apple.?It's the backbone of the computer when it comes to accessing fundamental things quickly. About This Mac tells you what kind of software you're running, what kind of processor you have, how much memory, and what the startup Disk is. You can click Sotftware Update to see if your computer needs new software, which is almost always free. You can click More Info... to get more detailed information on your Mac. * Software Update...?is another way to check for new software. * App Store...?opens up an application in which you can download Mac-based programs online. * System Preferences... includes ways to change your computer's display, appearance, energy options, etc. Dock gives options for your dock, like turning hiding on/off, turning magnification on/off, etc. Recent Items shows your most recently-used applications, documents (including videos and photos) and servers. To clear this list, click Clear Menu. * Force Quit... is useful if your program is not responding when you try to quit it, or if it's frozen. The Apple also includes options for shutting down your computer. * Sleep * Restart... * Shut Down... * Log Out... Finder --------------------------------------------------------------------- The Finder contains options relating to the Trash, hidden programs and other preferences. * About Finder Preferences...* Empty Trash... * Secure Empty Trash... * Services * Hide Finder * Hide Others * Show All makes it so any hidden programs show up. Read more by visiting our page at:
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