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Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: Mahalo software expert Justin Zagri gives a tutorial on using the Mac program Spaces. Spaces --------------------------------------------------------------------- Spaces is a program that allows you to quickly and easily switch between programs you use often. You can select which programs you wish to be in Spaces. How to Configure Spaces --------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Go to System Preferences. This can either be found in your dock or by clicking Apple -- System Preferences...2. Click Expos? & Spaces.3. Select the Spaces tab.?From here, you'll be able to assign programs to the numbered spaces. But first, click Enable Spaces.4. If you'd like Spaces to show up in your top menu bar of icons, click Show Spaces in menu bar. It will appear in the menu.5. To add or delete rows or columns of spaces, click the plus or minus next to Rows: or Columns:.6. To assign a program to a space, you'll first need to make it show up in the Application Assignments list. To do this, click the plus on the left-hand side. A menu will appear containing all the programs you currently have open. Click any of these to choose it.If your program is not on this list, click Other... Select the Applications section, then click the application you wish to add. Click Add.Once you select a program, it will show up in the list and be assigned to space 1. Any additional programs you select will also automatically be assigned to space 1, so you will need to assign them to other spaces.8. To assign a program to another space, look in the Space section of the Application Assignments list. In that section, click the name of the space your program currently inhabits.A list will pop up.?Click to choose another space in that list.9. When you click the bar next to To activate Spaces:, you'll be able to choose a function key to assign that function to. Some of the function keys on the keyboard normally already have assigned functions, so it's better to choose one without a preassigned function.The - bar next to this gives you the option of using a mouse button to activate Spaces. This is not recommended.10. When you click the bar next to To switch beween spaces:, you'll be able to choose the key you'll need to hold down while pressing an arrow key; this will be the hotkey combination used for switching between Spaces programs. You can choose between the ctrl key (^), the command key (?) and the option key (?).11.?When you click the bar next to?To switch directly to a space:, you'll be able to choose the key you'll have to hold down while pressing a number key; this will be the hotkey combination used for switching directly to a Spaces program. You can choose between the?ctrl?key (^), the?command?key (?) and the?option?key (?).12. Leaving on the When switching to an application, switch to a space with open windows for the application option is recommended. Spaces in Action --------------------------------------------------------------------- Hold down the key you chose for switching between spaces, then press an arrow key.Your Spaces box will appear, and you'll be taken to the program assigned to the highlighted space you're on.To highlight another space and switch to that program, keep holding down the key and press an arrow key or a number key.You can also select a space by clicking the Spaces icon in the top icon menu. Choose the space from the drop-down menu.To look at all four programs at once, press the function key you chose to activate Spaces. Click to choose one, and you'll be taken to that program. Read more by visiting our page at:
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