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Text Editing in Hotmail

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: Mahalo Windows expert Sean Hewitt explains the icons in Hotmail's Rich Text toobar. Hotmail's Rich Text Toolbar --------------------------------------------------------------------- When composing an email in Hotmail, you'll have a toolbar at the top of the window. This is the Rich Text Toolbar. It contains several icons. Cut, Copy, Paste --------------------------------------------------------------------- The Cut icon (scissors) is used to remove text. This text stores to the clipboard and can be pasted. To use, highlight the text, then click the icon. * The Copy icon?stores text to the clipboard without removing it. It can be pasted. To use,?highlight the text, then click the icon. * The Paste icon (clipboard)?will paste the text you have cut or copied. Font --------------------------------------------------------------------- The font bar contains many useful font choices.?Highlight text and click on the bar, then click?any font choice to change the text. Font Size --------------------------------------------------------------------- The size bar contains different font sizes.?Highlight text and click on the bar, then click?any size choice to resize the text. Bold, Italicize, Underline --------------------------------------------------------------------- To use these, highlight text and click the icons to change the text. To change the text back, highlight it and click on those icons again. * The Bold icon (B) bolds and unbolds text. * The Italicize icon ( I) italicizes and removes italicization from text. * The Underline icon ( U) underlines and removes underlining from text. Alignment --------------------------------------------------------------------- The Align Left, Align Center and Align Right icons change the position of text on the screen. When text is highlighted, only its position is changed. Numbered and Bulleted Lists --------------------------------------------------------------------- The Numbered List and Bulleted List icons include text in numbered or bulleted lists. Highlighted text is included in the lists. Indentation --------------------------------------------------------------------- The Increase or Decrease Indent icons are used to indent text. Hyperlink --------------------------------------------------------------------- The Hyperlink icon is used to create links to websites.?Highlight text and click the icon. A small box will drop down. Paste a website address into the box's text field, then click OK. Insert Break --------------------------------------------------------------------- The Insert Break icon is used to insert a horizontal line, or page break. Text Color and Text Background Color --------------------------------------------------------------------- The Change Text Color icon changes the color of text. Highlight text and click the icon, then a small box will drop down. Click a color in the box to choose it.The Change Background icon changes the background of text.?Highlight text and click the icon, then a small box will drop down. Click a color in the box to choose it. Read more by visiting our page at:
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