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How to Draw Zecora From My Little Pony

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: Step 1: Basic Shapes? 1. ?For the head, draw a circle. 2. For the body, draw a horizontal oval, the left side of which is below the head. They should not connect. The top of the oval should dip slightly, creating a bean shape.? 3.?Between the head and the body, draw a large vertical rectangle for the neck. 4. To map out the nose, draw a short vertical line a short distance to the left of the head. Connect it to the head with two horizontal lines, one on the top and one on the bottom. 5. For the ear, draw a triangular shape on the back of the head.?On the front of the head, draw a line curving out and to the left, past the muzzle. This line is the front of the mohawk. Step 2: Face, Mohawk and Left Foreleg 1. For the earring, draw a large circle below the ear. Add a smaller circle inside it. 2. Draw a line back from the front of the mohawk, then steeply down and back up. Continue this line in a curve going back behind the head and connecting to the earring. 3. For the mouth, draw a line going left from the base of the nose. It should end in a sharp point and then come back towards the face, meeting the very top of the neck. 4. For the eye, draw a diagonal oval inside the head. It should point up and towards the ear. The top and bottom of the oval should end in points. Inside the eye, draw a curved line down the center, then add a second one to the left of it. Add a tiny circle just to the left of the last curved line. 5. For the top neck ring, draw a thin shape right at the top of the neck. 6.? For the left foreleg, draw two vertical lines down from the body, near the front, starting slightly inside the body. Step 3: Legs, Tail, Neck Rings and Head Details 1.?For the left hind leg, follow the hindquarters down to a sharp angle, then draw a straight line down. 2. For the right foreleg, draw a vertical line to the left of the other foreleg. 3. For the tail, draw a small horizontal rectangle. 4. For the other neck rings, draw four more thin shapes below the first neck ring. 5. Draw a line from just before the front of the mohawk towards the eye, then curve it back down the slope of the eye. It should end at the chin. 6. Draw a line down the mohawk near the front, then a very small line next to it. Next to that line, draw another line down the mohawk. This line should go down onto the face towards the eye and curve to the right and back up into the mohawk, all the way to the top. Add another small mohawk line right after that, out of the right part of the ear. 7. Below the eye, coming up from the bottom of the head, draw three triangles. Step 4: Body Details 1. From the bottom right corner of the bottom-most neck ring, draw a line curving towards the right foreleg. This line should continue in downward spikes towards the hindquarters. It should reconnect to the top of the body right before the hindquarters. There should be five spikes—three long, two short. Add another triangle right after the connection. 2. Draw a spiral shape right above the left hind leg. Add a stripe across the left hind leg, then another below the first stripe.?Add a stripe across the left foreleg. Step 5: Inking Use a black marker to slowly and carefully ink the drawing. Add rings (like the neck rings) to the left foreleg, all the way down the length of it. Finished Drawing Read more by visiting our page at:
Length: 10:58


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