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How to Apply Bronzer and Blush

SALE TODAY: Learn Piano on iOS In this video, Mahalo makeup expert Katie Gurvin shows you how to apply bronzer and blush. Step 1: Select a Bronzer --------------------------------------------------------------------- Pick out a bronzer that is a little bit darker than your skin tone. Use it lightly to begin because it is easier to add more rather than remove it if it's too dark.? Step 2: Apply Bronzer --------------------------------------------------------------------- Dust a large, soft brush into the bronzer and then apply it to your face. Start at the top of your face near the hairline, which is a natural place to appear sun-kissed when you're outside. Focus most of the color at the hairline.?Apply sweeps of bronzer to your cheek bones and jawline.?You can imagine that you're drawing a "3" on each side of your face, connecting the hairline, cheek bone and jawline. Don't fill in every part of your face with bronzer.?You can also apply a little bit of bronzer to your neck if you're wearing a low-cut shirt.? Step 3: Apply Blush --------------------------------------------------------------------- Sometimes bronzer is not enough and you can apply blush to give your face additional color. Pick out a blush that goes with a tan glow, such as a peach, pink or coral shade. You can use the same brush as you used for the bronzer.?Apply the blush to the roundest, fullest part of your cheek, where you would naturally get a rosy glow. Move the brush in circular motions to round out the color on your cheek. Blend in the color if necessary. Step 4: Highlight Cheekbones --------------------------------------------------------------------- After you have bronzer and blush on your face, you can highlight your cheekbones for additional emphasis. Use a neutral tone powder to sculpt out the creases in your face.? Step 5: Set Makeup --------------------------------------------------------------------- Use a face mist to set the makeup in place. This will take away the powdery look and make your face look dewy.? Read more by visiting our page at:
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