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How to Draw Spike From My Little Pony

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: Step 1: Basic Shapes 1. ?For the head, draw a circle. 2. For the body, draw a horizontal oval below the head and to the right. They should not connect. 3. For the tail, draw a triangle coming out of the back of the oval. 4. Between the head and the body, draw a rectangle for the neck. Step 2: Eye, Ear and Snout 1. For the left eye, draw a diagonal oval pointing up and to the right. It should be inside the head and in line with the neck. 2. For the left ear, draw a shape with three finger-like projections going right. On the left, it should come down to a single point. It may be helpful to map this out as a triangle first. This should be drawn between and to the right of the neck and eye. 3. For the snout, draw an oval on the left side of the head circle. It should be smaller than the eye oval. For the fang, add a tiny triangle projecting down from the base of the snout. Draw a curved line from the bottom left part of the snout down to the top of the neck. 4. Inside the eye, draw a large oval. It should be almost as large as the eye. 5. Continue the?curved line coming from the snout, so that it reaches the head circle. To give the neck depth, to the left of the left neck line, add a line mimicking the left neck line and connecting to the body. 6. For the eyebrow, draw a curved line right above the eye. For the pupil, draw a very thin oval inside the eye's inner oval. It should be as much to the left as possible without touching the line. Step 3: Head Scales, Legs and Depth 1. Draw a curving guide line above the head for the ridge of scales. It should start above the center of his head and curve down and to the right to the area to the right of his ear. 2. From the bottom ear projection, draw a guide line mimicking the top line of the body. It should connect to the body at the tip of the tail. 3. Use the guide line above the head to draw the ridge of scales. To do this, draw four bumps, the tops of which touch the guide line. From left to right, each bump should be smaller than the previous one. 4. For the left front leg, draw two curved vertical lines down from the bottom left part of the body, somewhat lined up with the neck. 5. For the left hind leg, start by drawing a circle inside the body, to the left of the tail. Follow the circle down on both sides with vertical lines, both curving inward. At the bottom of the lines, flare them out sharply to points, then connect them with a horizontal line. This is the rear left foot.? 6. For depth, follow the left line of the neck down to meet the front left leg's left line. From the front leg's right line, draw a horizontal line to meet the hind leg. Continue this same line on the other side of the hind leg and onward to meet the tip of the tail. 7.?For the front leg's foot, draw a little loop to the left, then connect that loop to the right side of the leg with a horizontal line. Add a long horizontal line as the ground for Spike to stand on. Make sure the feet both touch the ground. Step 4: Details and Back Ridge Scales 1. Add two small vertical lines to the right of the rear leg's circle. For the kneecap, add a curl on the left side of the rear leg. 2. The area extending from below the fang to below the tail is the underside. Draw 13 straight lines across it. 3. For the ridge of scales on the back, use the guide line to draw nine triangular bumps across the top of the tail. The tops of the bumps should touch the guide line. At the end of the tail, draw a triangle. Step 5: Inking Slowly and carefully ink the drawing. Fill in the smallest oval in the eye, leaving a small white space in its top. Finished Drawing Read more by visiting our page at:
Length: 10:40


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