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How to Draw Bubbles from Power Puff Girls - Character Breakdown

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: Mahalo drawing expert Ken O'Brien breaks down the character of Bubbles from "The Powerpuff Girls" into easy-to-draw shapes. 1.?Draw an oval for Bubbles's head.2. Draw the vertical line of action for her head. Follow it through for her body.3. Draw Bubbles's bent right leg as a small, oval-shaped pod.4. Draw Bubbles's left foot as a small circle on the bottom end of the line of action.5. Draw two small circles for the hands.6. For the left arm, draw two lines from the head to the left hand circle.?7. For the left leg, draw two lines downward above the left foot, starting at a height of the center of the right leg pod. The lines should end when they connect with the left foot. 1. For Bubbles's right side, draw a vertical line from the top center of the pod to the bottom of the head, just to the right of the head's line of action.2. For her left side, continue the right side of her left leg upwards to connect with the head.3. For the clothing and the rest of the body, draw three horizontal lines, each connecting to her left side. The first should be at the center of the right leg, the second near the top of the pod and the third from the center of her right side. 1. Use the line of action to find where the hair splits. Draw two curved lines from the outer part of the oval near the top inward to meet at the line of action.2. For the pigtails, draw circles on both sides of her head. The left one should fit into her curved hairline, and the right one should be partially inside the head and partially outside, near the end of the other curved hairline. Make the circles into teardrops. Step: 4: Draw Bubbles --------------------------------------------------------------------- Now that you've seen the character breakdown, try drawing Bubbles with Ken. Read more by visiting our page at:
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