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How to Find the Volume of a Pyramid

SALE TODAY: Learn Piano on iOS Mahalo math expert Allison Moffett shows you how to find the volume of a pyramid. Find the Volume of a Pyramid --------------------------------------------------------------------- To find the volume of a pyramid, start with the standard equation V=(1/3)Ah, where V is volume, A is the area of the base and h is height from the base to the vertex. For example, if you have a pyramid with a base of 10 and a height of five, plug those numbers into the formula to get V=(1/3)10 squared times five. Reduce that down to 500/3. You can simplify this into a decimal or you can leave it how it is. Area of the Base --------------------------------------------------------------------- Pyramids can have different-shaped bases. Here are the formulas you may need to substitute for A: * Circle: A=pi times radius squared * Square:?A=side squared * Rectangle:?A=length times width * Triangle:?A=half of the base times height * Parallelogram:?A=base times height * Ellipse:?A=pi times a times b * Trapezoid:?A=one half(a plus b) times height Read more by visiting our page at:
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