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How to Reconnect Your Computer

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: In this video, Mahalo expert Sean Hewitt explains the purposes of the various ports on the back of a computer. Instructions for Reconnecting Your Computer --------------------------------------------------------------------- If you ever need to disconnect devices from your computer because you have to move it, get it repaired or for any other reason, you should know how to reconnect everything yourself.? A good thing to keep in mind: many of the connectors for your devices will not fit in anywhere else other than the input plug it is meant for. In the picture shown, the green and purple PS/2 ports are designated for your mouse and keyboard.? The blue connector in the middle is a VGA port. This is where you would typically connect your monitor. Whenever you connect to this type of port, be sure to secure the connection with the provided thumbscrews. Don't over tighten them, though.? Between the blue VGA port and the PS/2 ports is a white DVI port. Not every computer is going to have this, but if it does it's easy to figure out what gets connected here because it's a unique connection that only one device can connect to. This computer comes equipped with four USB ports. The nice thing about USB ports is it does not matter which port you connect a device to. Your computer simply recognizes the connection to any one of them and enables your peripheral devices. The ethernet connection is a standalone port that is designed to only fit an ethernet cable. Nothing else will fit in here. It looks like a phone jack but is slightly larger. The audio connections are next to the USB ports. The red/pink 1/8" input is always designated for a microphone. The Green and blue ports are where you would want to plug in your speakers or headphone so you can hear sound. There should be a small icon next to these to indicate which one is for what. This computer also comes equipped with a video card. If your computer has a video card, you'll always want to connect your monitor(s) and visual devices to the video card that is installed rather than to the VGA and DVI ports that come standard. Read more by visiting our page at:
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