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How to Do Feather Hair Extensions

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: In this video, Mahalo beauty expert Jamie Pierce shows you how to put in feather hair extensions. What You'll Need --------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 clamp tools (1 that closes the bead and 1 that opens)* Wire tool * Beads that match the color of your hair * Hair clips * Sectioning comb * Feathers Most of these items can be purchased at your local beauty supply store. However, it may be beneficial to ask a store clerk to help you locate what you need, since each of these tools have a very specific function.Additionally, if you don't want to purchase both tools, you can opt for only the opening tool but removing the extension will be a little more difficult. Step 1: Decide Where to Place --------------------------------------------------------------------- Before you begin, decide where you want to place your feathers. Try holding it up in different positions so you get an idea of what it would look like.? For example, if you want it to frame your face, hold it near your fringe or front layers. Step 2: Prep Your Hair --------------------------------------------------------------------- Using your sectioning comb, part the hair you want to keep out of the way during this process and clip back. Grab a very thin section of hair for the feather to go onto.? The section should be big enough for the bead to clamp onto but small enough so that the hair and feather both fit in the bead. Step 3: Add the Bead --------------------------------------------------------------------- With the larger loop on the end of your wire tool, pull the section of hair through. Slide the top bead off the tool and onto the hair. Make sure the bead rests away from the cuticle of the hair, which could damage it. Step 4: Attach Feathers --------------------------------------------------------------------- Slide the end of the feathers you've selected into the bead. Start with three and see if that is enough weight for the bead to clamp down on and withstand everyday wear.? Push the tips a little past the end of the bead and adjust until you have a comfortable fit. If you will be doing a lot of styling to your hair, move the bead a little farther away from the root. Step 5: Use Clamp Tool --------------------------------------------------------------------- Once you have the perfect positioning, use your clamp tool to close in around bead and hold the feathers in place. Clamp down a few times on the edges and middle to ensure a tight hold.? The feathers may be slightly arched at first, but after you wash your hair once, it will hold whatever shape you style you hair into. Step 6: Removing the Feathers --------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't try to just pull the extensions out without the proper tool. To remove the feathers from your hair, use the kinked removal tool and clamp around the bead. You'll hear a pop. You can then slide the feathers and bead safely out of your hair. Wearing Your Feathers --------------------------------------------------------------------- Most of the time, the feathers you'll be putting in your hair are color-resistant, meaning you can leave them in even if you plan on coloring your hair. They will also stay in when you shampoo, blow dry, curl or straighten your hair. Read more by visiting our page at:
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