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Photoshop Tutorial - Chrome Eye

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: In this video, Mahalo's Photoshop expert Justin Zagri demonstrates how to create a chrome eye in Adobe Photoshop CS5. Photoshop Tutorial - Chrome Eye --------------------------------------------------------------------- For this tutorial, the client has asked for several fixes and improvements to the movie poster. One of these fixes involves replacing the red eye with a chrome eye. Open the Smart Object of the character you're working on. Zoom in on the eye in question. Select the Red Eye layer and all of its elements and delete them. You can do this by dragging them to the trash icon at the bottom of the Layers panel.? Select the pixel mask that covers most of the character's face, grab the Brush Tool, make sure the Foreground color is black and start erasing the character's eye. Be as exact as you can for this particular step. You don't want to erase anything other than the actual parts of the eyeball. You want everything else to remain, including the eyelid and every other related piece. Now, the quickest way to incorporate a chrome eye into the poster is to find an image of a chrome or silver ball bearing (or something else of that nature). Conduct a Google image search for something related.? Once you have found an image, open it in Photoshop and grab the Marquee Tool. Make sure it's circular and make a quick, easy selection of the chrome ball bearing. Once selected, right-click on it and choose Layer via Copy. Move the selected ball to the character's canvas. Transform and resize it as needed by pressing Ctrl/Command+T. Remember to hold Shift when resizing the object to maintain its proportions. Press Enter when it's resized. For this poster, the client specially requested for some sort of Matrix-like coding to be reflected in the chrome eye. Conduct a Google image search for Matrix-like coding. Open the image in Photoshop, grab the Magic Wand Tool, make sure the Tolerance is set at 50 in the top options panel and click anywhere in the empty black part of the image. Once selected, right-click and choose Select Inverse. Once you do that, right-click again and choose Layer via Copy. Grab the Move Tool and move the selected code to the character's canvas. Press Ctrl/Command+T to Transform and resize the code to fit within the chrome ball. Again, remember to hold Shift while resizing. Next, you'll want to Warp the code to make it look like it wraps around the ball. Press Ctrl/Command+T again on the code, right-click and choose Warp. Move the grid around however you like to make the code contour to the shape of the ball. When the code is in place, link the code layer with the chrome ball layer by selecting them both (hold Ctrl/Command when selecting), right-clicking on the layers and choosing Merge Layers. Move the layers below the face pixel mask and place your new eye in the eye socket. Resize and rotate it as necessary by pressing Ctrl/Command+T to Transform. Keep adjusting until it fits nicely. Read more by visiting our page at:
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