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Photoshop Tutorial - Mud From Scratch

Learn guitar chords for FREE through our new game Chord Master: In this video, Mahalo's Photoshop expert Justin Zagri shows how to add a mud effect to a person's clothes. Photoshop Tutorial - Mud From Scratch --------------------------------------------------------------------- As you are adding elements to your character, you may want to alter the subject's shoes to make them appear muddy. To begin, access the Smart Object of your character and create a New Layer. Name this layer Shoe Mud.? Grab the Paint Bucket Tool, make sure the Foreground color is black and the Background color is white and click anywhere on an empty spot in the canvas. Navigate to the top menu bar and click Filter -- Render -- Clouds. You'll get an interesting but unrealistic cloud effect. Now, navigate back to the top menu bar and click Filter -- Stylize -- Find Edges. Your canvas will probably turn white. Click Image -- Adjustments -- Levels in the top menu bar. Change the levels so that the darkness and texture of the layer shows. Generally, you can do that by increasing the mid levels and low levels. Now, click Filter -- Sketch -- Plaster in the top menu bar. That will isolate and separate the black and white areas to give it a spotty, mud-like effect. It doesn't look anything like mud yet, though, because it's still black and white. Grab the Magic Wand Tool and select one of the black portions of the image. This will select all of the black. Zoom in if you need to. Press Delete when the black is selected. This will make it so only the whiter parts of the cloud effect are showing. With the white parts selected, press Ctrl+I (Command+I for Mac) to Invert the white.? Click Image -- Adjustments -- Color Balance in the top menu bar and move the Cyan slider more toward Red. Adjust the Magenta and Yellow sliders so they are mostly to the left. To get rid of the mud effect you don't need, grab the Marquee Tool and select the portion of the effect that doesn't cover the shoes. Press Ctrl+X (Command+X for Mac) to get rid of it.? To get the mud effect more isolated on the shoes, grab one of the character's layers and Ctrl+click (Command+click for Mac) on it. Select the Shoe Mud layer at the top and click the Add layer mask icon at the bottom of the Layers panel. To get rid of the excess mud, make the sure the Shoe Mud layer and mask are selected, grab the Eraser Tool and erase any excess mud effect. Feel free to lower the Opacity of the mud, and grab the Smudge Tool to smear the mud around wherever you deem necessary. You can also add a Drop Shadow by choosing the appropriate option from the Fx menu at the bottom of the Layers panel. Read more by visiting our page at:
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