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How to Play "The Wind Cries Mary" by Jimi Hendrix on Guitar

SALE TODAY: Learn Piano on iOS "The Wind Cries Mary" by Jimi Hendrix --------------------------------------------------------------------- Now, check out another timeless rock n' roll classic, written by one of the greatest guitarists of all time, Jimi Hendrix. Ben presents: "The Wind Cries Mary." The Form of the Song --------------------------------------------------------------------- "The Wind Cries Mary" has a pretty straightforward musical makeup. Probably the most memorable part of the song is the intro, which acts more like a "hook", since it repeats multiple times throughout the song. The form of this song contains four different sections and goes as follows:Intro Riff Section: * The intro of the song is basically a simple riff which consists of small inverted chords (meaning there is a scale degree other than the 1st that acts as the root of the chord). These chords are: Eb/Bb, E/B and F/C. These chords all have the 5th of the chord on the bottom. After playing those three chords, you play mini bar chords lower on the neck while "hammering on" higher frets. This means that you will hit frets above the bar chord with your fingers opposite the strumming/picking hand (refer to the video above). Verse Section: * The verse contains three simple chords: C, Bb and F. Bb is a 5th string root bar chord, and F is a 6th string root bar chord. Hendrix commonly adds little, short riffs in between chord progressions. Ben shows you a classic Jimi verse riff to play in the video above. Chorus/Intro Section: * This song doesn't really have a chorus in the traditional sense, but the verse does flow into a short chorus-like section, which in turn transitions into the first half of the intro riff. The chords in this section are: G bar and Bb. Both of these chords are 6th string root bar chords. After you play these two chords going into the first half of the intro, they are played again, then lead into the complete intro riff once again. All three of these sections are repeated twice until the solo section. Solo Section: * This is the point in the song where Jimi shreds a solo. The chords in this section are: F, Eb, Bb, Ab, G and Db. All of these chords are 6th root bar chords except for Eb and Db, which are 5th string root bar chords. When you hold that last F bar chord at the end of the section, you go right back into the verse section, to the chorus/intro section, to a last intro riff, then end. Read more by visiting our page at:
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