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Photoshop Tutorial - Add Handle to Sword

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: In this video, Mahalo's Photoshop expert Justin Zagri shows how to add a handle to a sword in Adobe Photoshop CS5. Photoshop Tutorial - Add Handle to Sword --------------------------------------------------------------------- When the sword was shown for the first time, the client requested that patching be added to certain parts, so the character could effectively grip the sword and use it in different ways. Since that part wasn't photographed, it has to be made in Photoshop.? To begin, conduct an image search for something related to what you're trying to accomplish visually. These samurai sword handles should be good to incorporate into the sword.? Grab the Magnetic Lasso Tool and use it to isolate the first handle image.? Right-click on the selection and choose Layer via Copy. This will create a new layer that is entirely independent. Grab the Move Tool and move the selected handle to the canvas with the sword that you'll be adding the handle to. If the handle image is too large, press Ctrl+T (Command+T for Mac) to Transform it. You can rotate and resize it as needed. When you resize, press and hold Shift while you drag in order to maintain the image's correct proportions.? In order to properly integrate this handle, the wooden ends and middle portions need to be erased. To do so, grab the Eraser Tool and simply erase over the parts you need to get rid of. Once the handle is ready to be integrated with the sword, Transform it (Ctrl/Command+T) until it fits the sword. To tweak the handle further, right-click on it and choose Distort. This will give you much more control over the alterations of the object itself. Press Enter when you've distorted and transformed the object to your satisfaction. Now, you need to make the handle appear underneath the arm but over the sword. You can achieve this with a pretty simple masking method. Select the sword mask in the Layers Panel and Ctrl/Command+click on the mask itself. This will select the mask.? Click on the appropriate layer (in this case, the layer that contains the handle) and select the Add layer mask icon at the bottom of the Layers Panel.? To help the handle fit in better with the sword, click on Fx at the bottom of the Layers Panel.? Add a Drop Shadow and set the Opacity to 100%. Try setting the Distance to 2 pixels. Experiment with the Angle adjustment to make it look as real as possible. You can also adjust the Size if you wish. The goal is to make the effect as subtle as possible. Read more by visiting our page at:
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