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Photoshop Tutorial - Burn and Dodge Tools

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: In this video, Mahalo's Photoshop expert Justin Zagri demonstrates how to use the Burn and Dodge Tools effectively. Photoshop Tutorial - Burn and Dodge Tools --------------------------------------------------------------------- The Burn and Dodge Tools are very useful and effective when integrating your subject into your movie poster. These tools are digital versions of using light and dark to create effects in photography development. In the darkroom, you usually accomplish these effects by exposing your photographic paper to certain levels of light to certain parts of the image for certain amounts of time. In Photoshop, the effect is the same, but you have much more control over it. Burning and Dodging is really good for adding dramatic flare. It's nice for accentuating muscle tones, adding shadows and brightening eyes. They are effects that are best used subtly. To begin, click Add a new layer at the bottom of the Layers panel and rename this new layer. Next, grab the Fill Tool and set your foreground color to 50 percent Gray. Fill in your canvas by clicking on it. This will turn your entire project gray. Once this happens, keep the new layer selected and choose Overlay in the composition options drop-down menu. Now, grab the Burn Tool and set it at 90 pixels to create very subtle burning effects. Make sure your Exposure is set to something relatively low, such as 30%. Use the tool to add some light shadows and accentuate muscles. If you accidentally burn too much, you can always use the Eraser Tool to get rid of any extra burn. You can also use the Dodge Tool to lighten areas for effect. A good place to use this effect is in the white of a person's eyes. When doing so, remember to keep the pixels small and the Exposure low. Read more by visiting our page at:
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