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Learn Adobe Photoshop - Mini Bridge

Bestselling Learn Guitar on Android! In this video, Mahalo expert Gene Shaw explains how Mini Bridge works in Photoshop as a smaller version of Bridge. About Mini Bridge --------------------------------------------------------------------- Mini Bridge is simply a smaller version of Bridge with fewer features, but it still allows you to browse through all of your files and seamlessly bring them directly into Photoshop. Accessing Mini Bridge --------------------------------------------------------------------- You can access the Mini Bridge by either clicking on the small button in the?top tool bar?marked?MB?(it looks like a small folder), clicking on the?MB?in the?panels section?on the right or by clicking?File -- Browse in Mini Bridge. Any one of those will open the same menu. 1. The first option at the top of Mini Bridge is?Home. Home allows you to?browse?your files and adjust your?settings. 2. In the?Content?section you can see thumbnail icons for everything that is in your chosen location. You can enlarge them with the slider at the bottom or make them smaller. 3. There is also a?Slideshow?option to view all of your files. 4. In?Review Mode?you can click and drag your images around and even add?ratings?to your photos. There are also various drop down options menus on the right side of?Content?bar. 1. Under the first option you can Refresh, Show Reject Files, Show Hidden Files and Show Folders. 2. The second option allows you to Show Labeled or Unlabeled Items, Show Star-Rated Items or Show Rejected or Unrejected Items. 3. The third option allows you to decide how you would like to view your items, either in Ascending or Descending Order or By Filename, Type, Date, Size, Label or Rating.? 4. Finally, the fourth option allows you to Place?your items in Photoshop or any other Adobe programs installed on your computer. Read more by visiting our page at:
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