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How to Exercise in Your Daily Life

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: In this video, Mahalo's fitness expert Torri Shack shows you how to incorporate exercise into your daily life. Way #1: Take the Stairs --------------------------------------------------------------------- Whenever you have the choice between taking the elevator or the stairs at work or the mall or anywhere else you go, choose the stairs. At work, if you're wearing nice dress shoes (read heels), bring along an extra pair of tennis shoes or flip flops you can change into. Bonus: Your shoes will be there if you want to take a walk at lunch or go for a run after work.c? Calories burned: 11 per minute for a 160-lb person c? Way #2: Walk Your Dog --------------------------------------------------------------------- It doesn't matter whether you have a Chihuahua or a Great Dane, take your dog out for a walk instead of just letting them roam around your backyard or park for exercise. It'll benefit you both by getting your heart rate up and giving you a chance to enjoy being outside. This concept also applies if you have kids. Put your little one(s) in a stroller and walk or jog around the neighborhood with them. You'll fit in some quality time with them as well as setting a good example of how to live a healthy lifestyle. c? Calories burned: 5 per minute for a 160-lb person c? Way #3: Ride Your Bike --------------------------------------------------------------------- If you live close enough, try riding your bike or walking to work. You may have to leave earlier, but you'll rev up your metabolism for the rest of the day, increasing the amount of calories you'll burn throughout the day, and will avoid the hassles of traffic and parking.c? Calories burned: 5 per minute for a 160-lb person c?? Way #4: Park Far Away --------------------------------------------------------------------- When running errands, pick a parking spot in the back of the lot that forces you to walk a little more than you normally would. You can also choose a spot at the top of a parking structure, which will allow to you take the stairs, burning even more calories. It will only take an extra minute, but those minutes will add up over the course of a day. Or you could try power walking that distance so that you don't take up any extra time but still get the benefit of the added exercise.c? Calories burned: 5 per minute for a 160-lb person c? Way #5: Invest in a Pedometer --------------------------------------------------------------------- One great way to challenge yourself to add increasingly more activity to your daily routine is to buy a pedometer. For the first day, notice how many steps you take on average and record it in a fitness journal or anywhere else you can see it every day and keep track. The next day, make a conscious effort to increase the number of steps you take (by 250, 500 or whatever goal you want to set). You can even get your friends and coworkers to participate to up the level of competition.c? From the American Heart Association --------------------------------------------------------------------- The AHA lists some creative ways to sneak exercise into your daily routine. Here are some of them: * Do housework yourself instead of hiring someone else to do it. * Walk around your house/office while you talk on the phone instead of standing still. * Get involved with the recreation league at your work or in your neighborhood. * Use your lunch break to take a walk or fit in a quick workout. Head to their website for more ideas. Read more by visiting our page at:
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