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Guitar Strumming 101 (Lesson 13 of 19)

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: Lesson 13: Guitar Strumming 101 --------------------------------------------------------------------- Learning how to strum the guitar is essential to becoming a guitarist. Thomas will teach you the basics of strumming and a handful of the most common strumming patterns that guitar players use. Guitar Strumming 101 --------------------------------------------------------------------- Step 1: Rest your strumming elbow on the top of the guitar's body. Use your elbow as a pivot from which your arm will swing back and forth to hit the guitar strings. Step 2: Practice this swing without touching the strings first. Move your forearm down slowly. While you do this, rotate your wrist slightly to the right (or out) imagining that you are hitting all six strings. Now, once your strumming hand is pointed towards the floor, start moving your forearm up slowly. As you do this, rotate your wrist slightly to the left (or in). When you break it down, there are two basic motions: your forearm moving up and down and your wrist rotating side to side. The goal is to achieve a very continuous and fluid motion up and down all six of the strings. Step 3: Keep this up and down motion in continuum, but now only hit the strings when moving your forearm down. This is called a downstroke. Keep moving your forearm up as well but only hit the downstrokes. Now try the same for only upstrokes. Once you feel comfortably with these two exercises, try some of these! (See below) Strumming Exercises: 1. Down - Down - Down - Down - Down Up Down Up Down Up Down Up 2. Down - Down Up - Down - Down Up - Down - Down Up 3. Down - Down Up - Up Down - Down - Down Up - Up Down * Tip: Be sure to keep your strumming forearm and wrist relaxed while strumming. Keep the motions fluid and avoid stiffness. * * Tip: Make sure that you are hitting both your downstrokes and upstrokes with the same amount of intensity and volume. This will definitely take some practice to get the technique just right. * Read more by visiting our page at:
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