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The Lattice Method of Multiplication

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: In this video, Mahalo math expert Allison Moffett shows you how to use the lattice method of multiplication. What is the Lattice Method? --------------------------------------------------------------------- This is just a different way of performing multiple-digit multiplication. Step 1: Set It Up --------------------------------------------------------------------- For this example, we will use the problem 215 times 32. To set this up, draw a large box with a column for every digit in the first number (Hint: There are three digits in 215.) and a row for every digit in the second number (Hint: There are two digits in 32). Draw a diagonal through every box. Your tens digits will go in the upper portion and your ones in the lower portion. It will look like the picture below. Step 2: Multiply Everything Through --------------------------------------------------------------------- Take every digit and multiply it to every other digit. Write the answer in the box where the column and row intersect. Remember to put the tens digit above the diagonal and the ones digit below it. If the answer is a single-digit number, write a zero in the to portion of the box as a placeholder. For this example, start and multiply three and two to get six. Thus you would write a zero and a six in the corresponding parts of the box. Try the rest on your own then check with the answer below. Step 3: Add Up the Lattices --------------------------------------------------------------------- Add up the numbers that are included in the same diagonal column and write it just outside the box. In this example, the first diagonal is just a zero, so write zero to the left of the box. The next diagonal contains two zeroes and a six, which when added up, equals six. The next diagonal contains a four, a zero, a three and a one. Add these up to get eight. Try the last two on your own then check your work. Step 4: Gather the Digits --------------------------------------------------------------------- Now take the digits you wrote on the outside of the box from left to right to get your final answer. In this case, the numbers are zero, six, eight, eight, zero, which is written as 6,880. Thus 215 times 32 equals 6,880. Read more by visiting our page at:
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