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Learn Adobe Photoshop - Masking With Shapes - Subtracting From Your Mask

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: Mahalo expert Justin Z. gives a tutorial on subtracting from your masks in Photoshop. About Subtracting From Your Mask --------------------------------------------------------------------- Adding shapes to a mask are helpful when you need to implement shapes that contour to your picture. However, adding shapes does not necessarily cover those difficult inward curves that you may to deal with in certain images (for this example, a bottle). Subtract Mode will allow you to rotate shapes to fit them as needed.? Subtracting From Your Mask --------------------------------------------------------------------- To cover the tiny section of space where the body of the bottle meets the neck, follow these steps:? 1. Add a Rectangle Tool and add a shape over it. Click on the Shapes Tools within the Tool Bar (leftmost side of your screen). It doesn't really matter how big or small the rectangle is because you will be subtracting from the area.? 2. To cut away from it, click on the Subtract From Path Area button up in the Options Panel. Now select the Ellipse Tool from either the Options Panel or the Shapes Tools within the Tool Bar.? 3. Click and drag across the image holding down the Shift key so you can create an exact circle. Open it up and get as close as you can to the mask itself.? 4. Press "A" to select the circle and then use the Arrow keys to move it in tiny increments so it can become flush against the bottle.? 5. To perfect the circle even more, Transform it by pressing Control/Command + T. The circle is now flush against the bottle, but there are still two empty corners unaccounted for.? 6. To cover these spaces, you will want to add a rectangle and rotate it. Choose the Rectangle Tool from the Tool Bar and click and drag across the canvas to create a rectangle.? 7. Select the rectangle and hit?Control/Command + T?to Free Transform it.? 8. Click and hold on one of the rectangle's four corners and drag it around to rotate it. Now drag the rotated rectangle to the bottle so it covers one of the empty spaces. Once you press Enter the rotated rectangle will be applied.? Read more by visiting our page at:
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