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Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: Mahalo expert Gene Shaw gives a comprehensive Photoshop help menu tutorial. About the Help Menu --------------------------------------------------------------------- In many programs the Help menu is largely a waste of space. It usually contains information about the program and its developers, it will take you to the developer's website and not much else. Adobe Photoshop's Help menu is much more productive. This is where you can take program tutorials, contact the company and update your software among other useful features.? Photoshop Help --------------------------------------------------------------------- The first option you will see in the Help menu is the Search option. This pertains only to Mac and not the Photoshop program itself, so you don't need to concern yourself with this feature.? Directly beneath this you will find Photoshop Help. Clicking on this will open the Adobe Community Help window. Here you will find many descriptions that are being covered here on Mahalo's entire Photoshop tutorial, so if you need to double-check an issue, this is a good area to familiarize yourself with.? You can access Adobe Support here, as well as Learn Photoshop CS5 which contains various tutorials that will help you understand the program. Support, Legal Notices, System Info & Registration --------------------------------------------------------------------- Photoshop Support Center takes you right to support. Legal Notices brings you to Adobe's legal information.? System Info will tell you about your system's specifications.? Product Registration will improve your service and support because it will confirm with Adobe that you are a paying customer and not someone who stole their software.? Deactivate --------------------------------------------------------------------- Deactivate is extremely important as it pertains to your Photoshop license. By default, Photoshop is only able to install on a limited number of computers.? If you want to install the program onto a secondary computer, click on Suspend Activation. It will not remove the serial number but instead allow you to use the software on another computer while temporarily deactivating it on the original one.?To switch back, just Suspend Activation on the secondary computer and you can resume working on your original one.? Deactivate Permanently is useful if you are getting rid of your computer altogether and need to install the program on a new system. This will prevent others from using your version.? Updates & GPU --------------------------------------------------------------------- Updates will show you all of the various Adobe software updates that are available. To update any particular item, simply click on it and it will commence the process. GPU will tell you about the various graphics card features of Photoshop. Photoshop Online --------------------------------------------------------------------- Photoshop Online takes you to Adobe's website. The?Adobe Product Improvement Program sends information about your computer to Adobe, so in the next iteration of Photoshop they can know what you were using and help make it more efficient for your specific configuration.? Read more by visiting our page at:
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