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Learn Adobe Photoshop - Image Mode: Indexed Color

Learn guitar chords for FREE through our new game Chord Master: Mahalo expert Gene Shaw gives a tutorial on the image mode: indexed color in Photoshop. About Image Mode: Indexed Color --------------------------------------------------------------------- When you take grayscale technology and apply color to its use, you get indexed color. The main perk of an indexed color image, is that they produce a small file size as they are only capable of displaying 256 colors. All of the information that would be included with an image that has a million colors won't be included in the indexed color image. Listed below are a few color indexed settings for your consideration. Not all of them will be applicable to every project you work on. Remember: the smaller the image, the less color information you will actually need.? Exploring Image Mode: Indexed Color --------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Go up to the Image menu at the top of your screen. Select Mode and then Indexed Color.? 2. This will prompt a window where you can choose the Palette drop-down menu. Click that and you will notice within this list, the Exact option is grayed-out (unusable). This is because the image being used in this tutorial has much more than 256 colors. The only time you can change an RGB image into an indexed color image with the Exact pallet is if there are 256 or fewer colors in your RGB image.? 3. The next two options are? * System pallets (Mac and PC). Each of these contain 256 colors but because they are created by two different companies, those 256 colors are slightly different.? * Web only contains 216 colors and were originally created for the early days of the Internet before modern monitors could display millions of colors. This is not very relevant today because of the advent of modern LCD monitors. The Uniform pallet creates a pallet by sampling colors from the same position on the red, the green and the blue graph.? * Perceptual color is a color spectrum that takes into consideration the main colors that your eye can detect and it will create a pallet using those colors as they apply to your image.? * Selective color combines Web colors with the colors that are used in large portions of the image.? * Adaptive takes all the colors that appear in the image most often and makes a pallet out of them.? 4. Your most commonly-used color options are going to be 4, 16 and 256. For this example choose 256 and click Okay. The downside of using an Indexed Color menu is that your Filters will not be available. Similar to the Bitmap images, you have a finite amount of color to work with here. Keep in mind that 4 Color is for very simple images without complex or rich color variations. Choosing 4 Color will greatly reduce the quality and detail of your image.? Read more by visiting our page at:
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