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Knife Skills - How to Chop Garlic

Bestselling Learn Guitar on Android! In this video, Mahalo's Chef Eric Crowley shows you how to chop garlic. What You'll Need --------------------------------------------------------------------- Sharpened knife* Cutting board Garlic, peeled (remove all the outer, papery layers) 1. Cut off the stem at the end of the garlic clove. 2. Slit the clove in half and remove any green stem that remains. This part tends to be bitter and unsuitable for cooking. 3. Grip the knife with your middle, ring and pinky finger around the handle and your thumb and pointer finger around the hilt of the blade. 4. Hold the garlic with your fingers curled under so that you don't accidentally cut yourself. 5. Making sure the tip of the blade never leaves the cutting board, slice the garlic lengthwise into strips. 6. Turn the strips a quarter turn, then chop the slices into finer pieces, occasionally wiping off garlic that has stuck to the blade. Be careful not to cut yourself. 7. Chopped garlic should have a chunky quality to it (not too fine but not too coarse). Read more by visiting our page at:
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