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Knife Skills - How to Dice a Shallot

Learn guitar chords for FREE through our new game Chord Master: Mahalo expert chef Eric Crowley demonstrates how to properly dice a shallot. What You'll Need --------------------------------------------------------------------- Sharpened knife* Cutting board Shallot, peeled? Instructions --------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Peel the shallot so there is a flat side. This ensures that the shallot won't rock as you are trying to cut it. 2. Lay the flat side of the shallot onto the cutting board so the root is facing away from you. Grip the knife?with your middle, ring and pinky fingers around the handle. Clasp your thumb and forefinger on each side of the blade's base to control cutting.?Curl the fingertips of your other hand on top of the shallot to keep it in place.?4. Lift the knife completely off the cutting board and cut the shallot into thin, parallel slices by bringing the blade downward and backward repeatedly. When doing this, keep the tip of the blade close to the root without going through it. The root will hold these initial slices together and make cutting easier.? 5. Turn the shallot 90 ° and maintain the same grip on the knife. Use the back of the blade to make perpendicular cuts with forward and downward motions. Keep these slices the same width as your previous ones, and you will create perfect dices.? Read more by visiting our page at:
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