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Learn Adobe Photoshop - Introduction and Objectives

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: Mahalo experts Gene Shaw and Justin Z. guide you through this video that serves as an introduction to the objectives and goals that Mahalo intends to provide you throughout this course. Learn Adobe Photoshop - Introduction and Objectives --------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to Mahalo's introduction to "Learn Adobe Photoshop." With this series of videos, you will learn everything about Photoshop from the basic layout and tools, to more advanced settings that will culminate in lessons for practical use. We hope that these videos will prove useful for everyone from total beginners to people interested in refining their skills to a greater extent. Keep an eye out for future videos and tutorials, and if you have any requests or questions for us, please send them to [email protected] What Is Photoshop? --------------------------------------------------------------------- Photoshop is a photo and graphic editing program that is made by Adobe Systems, Inc. When the program was first released in 1990, it came equipped with a mountain of features that allowed users to enhance photographs and make graphic designs. Each subsequent year, additions and new versions added more power and variety to the program. Today, it is the standard for graphic design. Course Objectives --------------------------------------------------------------------- As you move through the course, you will begin to use different tools and apply various methods to different applications for graphic design purposes. Some objectives include learning how to apply image enhancements to a photograph or learning a step-by-step process to making a movie poster.? You will also explore the illustration side of Photoshop through concept design work, and the hosts will walk you through some practical graphic design. Photoshop vs. Illustrator --------------------------------------------------------------------- Photoshop can be used to take any existing image and give it a professional, polished looked. Borders can be added and pictures tweaked to look better than any digital camera could make possible. Almost anything you can imagine doing to a picture is capable when using Adobe Photoshop.Adobe Illustrator is a different program entirely. Illustrator is a vector-based drawing program that allows you to create your own unique graphics. Adobe Illustrator graphics can be used in print, online, video, and even on your cell phone. Want to create your own background for your cell phone? It's possible when you have Adobe Illustrator and something that can't be done with Photoshop alone. Read more by visiting our page at:
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